PermiShare is currently in the development phase of adding a companion driver mobile application! With PermiShare, company administrators can add corporate, driver and asset (vehicles and trailers) information and documents to their portal. With the PermiShare mobile app, your drivers will now have instant access to their most important documents while out on the road. Goodbye paper permit books, hello PermiShare!

While select corporate, vehicle and driver documents are required in the cab of a vehicle in paper form, more and more electronic documents are being issued and accepted at roadside. This means drivers no longer need to carry a binder full of wrinkled, expired paper documents – and your admin staff doesn’t have to chase down vehicles to ensure a new document is added to the permit book. PermiShare admin users simply add the new document to either the corporate, driver or asset section and drivers instantly have access to it.

Stay tuned for more updates on the great features available in the PermiShare driver mobile app!