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Get a database to digitize transportation compliance and manage with an online dashboard. Electronic files are much more optimal to record, track and share across departments and with whichever team members might need them. PermiShare will enable you to improve compliance scores, the driver onboarding experience, and daily workflows by providing your team with the digital documents they need.

PermiShare includes a free mobile app, available on Android and iOS devices, that grants more access, shareability, visibility and control to your drivers, from the office to the highway.


Build a database of company, driver and asset compliance information and documents then access it from anywhere, anytime.

Automated alerts provide dashboard and email reminders to your staff. Stay current and update driver permit books in real time.

Go paperless and grant access to a digital permit book via the PermiShare mobile app. Available on Android and iOS mobile devices.

Secure Digital Storage

PermiShare was built with the highest standards for privacy and data security. All data and documents are securely stored and transmitted using SSL encryption.

Go Paperless

Reduce the unnecessary handling of paper documents while substantially lowering the amount of clutter in your office and vehicles. Go paperless with PermiShare.

Manage Expirations

Eliminate expired compliance credentials by monitoring expiries in the PermiShare dashboard and receive automated email reminders.

PermiShare Enables Your Organization To:

Safeguard drivers with Mobile Access

Mobile workers require instant access to your organizations most up to date permits and compliance documents. With one click, your drivers can view and share the documents they require regardless of their location in the PermiShare Android app (iOS coming soon).

Centralize your compliance data and permits

Store and track all your important compliance data, documents and permits in one centralized location accessible to employees across your organization, both in the office and on the road.

Maintain auditable historical compliance records

Build a historical database of decal assignments, quarterly reports and vehicle information to satisfy requirements under the International Fuel Tax Agreement (IFTA) and the International Registration Plan (IRP).

Avoid costly fines and penalties

Ensure drivers have the most up-to-date permits and documents at the touch of their fingers and be well ahead of expirations to avoid roadside citations.

Set and monitor expiring permits, licences and other documents

Set issue and expiry dates for your organizations permits, licences and compliance documents. Receive automated alerts when you need to reapply for a permit or when a permit expires.

Gain complete visibility

Paper permit books can be misused. PermiShare provides access to the historical data so you can see which drivers viewed and shared company permits and documents.

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