PermiShare digital permit book app for iOS

PermiShare’s digital permit book is now available on iOS devices!

As you may know, PermiShare launched 10 months ago with a goal to modernize trucking permit books. We started with our compliance portal and a Android app and have seen tremendous interest from carriers coast to coast.

In acquiring feedback from our users it was clear that some fleets utilize a mix of mobile device types, presenting a challenge to ensuring every driver has access to a digital permit book. PermiShare is pleased to announce that as of today the PermiShare app is now available for both iOS and Android mobile devices. 

Download our app:

Digitize driver permit books and transportation compliance, end to end. PermiShare brings affordable efficiency to your entire team with a compliance platform that: 

  • Provides a cloud-based portal to manage digital trucking compliance documents 
  • Gives drivers a digital permit book on iOS and Android devices
  • Easily enables you to update permit book documents while trucks are in motion

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