The global pandemic caused by COVID-19 is changing the way that trucking companies in Canada and the United States are using electronic documents. With a number of preventions in place to lower transmission of COVID-19 such as social distancing rules, face coverings and hand washing, electronic document sharing is becoming the preferred method of passing important information. In a recent poll done by Truck News, 71% of respondents said that their business is using more electronic documents as a way to promote social distancing. Furthermore, 89% believe that COVID-19 will lead to the expanded and long-term use of electronic documents.

Sharing electronically rather than requiring person to person passing of paper-based credentials and documents is one way to help lower the risk of transmission to trucking company owners, managers, drivers and other personnel. PermiShare is a web-based tool designed specifically with trucking companies in Canada and the United States in mind. PermiShare offers an online platform where users can share, organize and store your fleets most important corporate, driver and asset documentation.

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