For the last several years the founders of PermiShare have been studying the feasibility of creating a web based tool for compliance managers, administrators, safety personnel and drivers. Our goal was to create a tool to assist transportation companies of all sizes in reducing the time and costs associated with storing, accessing and sharing their motor carrier compliance documents and permits. 

In 2016 our team joined the electronic credentials working group (ECWG) and worked alongside industry and government representatives to explore, via a pilot project, the viability of allowing motor carrier drivers to carry their “permit book” in a digital format. A digital permit book allows drivers to carry, display and where necessary transmit documents to enforcement officers anytime, anywhere. The pilot project showed great promise resulting in both IRP and IFTA administrators adopting provisions in 2019 that allow credentials to be displayed electronically. Additionally, many jurisdictions are now accepting permits, licenses and other ‘required to carry’ documents to be presented on a smartphone or tablet in a digital format. 

Today more than ever the need for innovation is being thrust upon us. The benefits of responsibly distancing employees combined with the opportunity to bring technological efficiency to the organization and sharing of driver, truck, and corporate documents has created an ideal time for us to launch this new platform.

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