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A common pain point for many trucking companies is onboarding new drivers and ensuring they have complete driver qualification files. With high rates of driver turnover in the industry, it’s likely that onboarding new drivers is a constant occurrence for your team. Keeping up with the countless documents and information required to be kept and distributed can quickly become a challenge.

“..there is a clear path to streamline the onboarding process and manage driver qualification files..”

The onboarding process is time consuming and often inefficient. Furthermore, issuing countless paper documents to drivers then updating, renewing, and distributing new documents requires constant vigilance. Drivers require instant access to your organizations most up to date compliance documents and are at risk of interrupting their workflow and receiving expensive fines should they not be able to locate them at roadside. With the recent growth in the acceptance of digital documents by police and enforcement officers nationwide, there is a clear path to streamline the onboarding process and manage driver qualification files while modernizing the paper permit book.

The following three tips will help you simplify driver qualification files:

1. Create a digital driver file library  

Utilizing paper file folders is not only an outdated process, it’s also highly inefficient. Instead, have your team build a digital library of driver information and credentials. This will help to ensure that the correct information and documents are collected, maintained and accessible to all members of your team.

2. Digitize paper processes

Transition to a paperless system by converting existing paper documents to pdf copies then create, scan, and save all new documentation to your digital library. Provide access to team members to manage the digital files while considering access permissions for everyone within your organization. This will streamline workflows and help to remove the human error of missing important documents.

3. Provide drivers with a mobile app

Arm your drivers with a simple, secure way to access documents. Drivers need documents at the tips of their fingers, whether they are in the office or on the road. By embracing mobile apps you can enable drivers to access documents anytime and make it easy for administrators to update their documents, regardless of location. Most importantly, you can improve the accuracy of qualification files and the drivers on-road experience by embracing mobile apps.

If you are looking for an affordable way to move compliance to a web based platform, consider PermiShare. The PermiShare platform provides a web-based dashboard and driver mobile application (Android and iOS) that allow carriers to offer shareability, visibility and control from the office to the highway. Use PermiShare to assist with onboarding new drivers, managing driver qualification files and providing drivers access to an electronic permit book app. 

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